In Hyvinkää

I’ve learnt a few Finnish phrases & words from Kaarlo, our host in Hyvinkää.
“Minun nimeni on Kymmenen”. It means “My name is Ten”.
‘Ten’ why 10?
Well, ‘T’ is pronounced as ‘Tay’ in Finnish. So my surname (family) name has become tan as in sun-tan. And this is similar to ten (10)! So i have become Mr.10!!
I believe i will have more luck in soccer being ’10′ than in MI6, always trailing behind 007. *grin*
Kaarlo was initially confused why i kept saying ‘soka’ (a Japanese slang to ‘I see’).
One night, he came over and showed us a piece of sock.
“In Finnish, sock is called sukka.” he said.
Haa …

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