Miscellaneous shots …

These are only 80% of what we are bringing. The winter stuffs are currently in Czech Republic waiting for our collection. Wonder how we are going to pack these stuffs onto the bikes. Hmm … *ponders*

Kaarlo Veräväinen, our host in Hyvinkää, in his swimming trunks. Yesterday (27/Jul) Kaarlo brought us to a nearby (well, it´s actually 15km from Hyvinkää) woods for a jog in the forest at 2000h (!). After the run, it was swimming for him & his girlfriend in the lake.

A sleepy & hungry Sean. The water was freezing cold in our standards so none of us wanted to swim after the jog. The sun has not been out for long these days. Forecast is rains for next few days. Air temperature was around 20´C! brrrr …

Kaarlo & Suvi.

Counting down … 3 more days!

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