Warm up ride

Weather had not been on our side all day (in fact the whole week). It was pouring all the way for as long as we were on the tarmac. When we left Hyvinkää, it was 14´C and it seemed someone had forgotten to close the tap up there. Coupled with the headwinds and the occasional cross-winds, we were riding with granny gears even if the road was pretty flat. Even though we had our rain gears on (jackets & rain pants), the water managed to find their way from all angles into our body and feet. We were almost soaked to the skin by this horrendous downpour. I could not feel the warm up effect as I was shivering most of the time.
The papers reported this dreadful downpour with pictures of floods around southern Finland, notably this area until Helsinki. As we heard, this summer has not been normal; there were too much rain in the central & southern parts of Finland since May. I have always known Finland as the land of the midnight sun but this continous downpour does not seems to register any similarity. Where is the sun?
According to their forecast, the sun should be able to appear from next week. We shall see.
Interesting sight in Helsinki – it got so wet, many folks were seen wearing rubber boots in the city. A pair costs €39.50 as advertised in the papers. From the look of the ad, it seems to appeal better than Gore-tex boots.

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