Grabowo encounter with the ‘English Translator” *wink*

It has been a long and tiring day with cloudy and gloomy sky. Almost did a hundred kilometers in the gray, amid cold wind and some drizzle. We had wanted to go on farther, but the ‘welcoming’ cold simply urged us to stop. After asking from a few houses, this young man shone much light into our spirit.

For the 1st time, we have relied on a software “English Translator” to aid in our conversation. Adam has set up the computer himself and through ‘English Translator, we had an enjoyable conversation together with his sister Edyta. Their mother, Anna, just prepared few pieces of thick pancakes (freshly made for us!) with homemade black berries jam. Yummy! And again I must say … IF ONLY YOU CAN TASTE IT TOO! :P

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