Learning from a 13 years old boy

Besides being self-sufficient, some families were able to sell their own produce during the summer. We met one such family in Medeksioi – the Lembertais. Throughout the summer, Linas & his sister Milda will help out with his mother, Angelie in selling fresh tomatoes, paprikas, cucumbers, eggs and fruits, just outside their house, along the road.

Linas, (the boy in the middle) though only 13yrs old, imparted a wealth of knowledge about Lithuanian countryside lifestyle to us

Kompotas Slyva (Plum juice) from the yellow plums grown in their backyard

Angelie (Linas’ mother) preparing the Kompotas Slyva for the winter. Here she is seen pouring boiled water with sugar into the special made jars for the plum juice

Linas demonstrating the way to eat the egg – the egg is boiled to the extent that only the egg white is hardened and the egg yolk remained in liquid form!

Special care in peeling off the egg shell in order not to break the brittle egg.

Rabbits .. as pets? No, food for the family and sometimes, their dogs

Yellow plums from the trees in their backyard. Just imagine how many on the trees …??

Bees for honey in their backyard. Linas’ family has 4 such boxes for the bees

Due to the short summer this year, there was insufficient nectar for the bees so Angelie has to make sugared water every night for the bees

Sean demonstrating how to use chopsticks … to pick boiled mushrooms

With the Lembertai family for breakfast

Sharing the mechanics of our touring bicycles with Ceslovas, Linas’ father

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