Lithuania folk musician

It was just amazing how our encounters with the Lithuanians had been. We were starting to have lunch outside Kaunas when we met Virgis. In fact, it was Virgis who approached us for a chat. Minutes later, we were invited to their house …
In his place, Virgis shared with us his years of experiences in the Lithuanian folk music scene, his regular performances, his folk band and we even had the opportunity to hear various pieces of Lithuanian folk songs!
Coincidentally, Virgis had in this home the Lithuanian traditional food, Cepelinai which we have heard so much along the way. So much for a short lunch break … 8-)

Virgis sharing with us his experiences in Lithuanian traditional folk music. Besides being a doctor by profession, Virgis is also a multi-talented musician, performing regularly in concerts, parties and events.

Cepelinai, famous Lithuanian traditional food.

Cepelinai, eaten with sour cream

With the Meskinis family

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