Tom Sawyer’s nite in Lithuania

Since young we have been reading about Tom Sawyer but we never dream that one day, we can live like he once did (though he’s a fictionous character … haa). We slept on hay, yes! dried hay that is for the cow and horse in winter and had our first thrilling experience in eating butter and white cheese made from their cow’s milk! Homemade cheese with butter … yummy!

Sigitas’ mother milking the cow

They can have approximately 25L of fresh milk daily from 1 cow

Sigitas with his horse, a breed of wild horse from old Lithuania lands

Fresh homemade cheese and butter from Sigitas’ cow’s milk

The fresh white cheese is eaten with homemade butter and salt

The barn that would become our home for the night

Interior of the barn which housed the hay for Sigitas’ horse and cow

Sleeping on hay! Reminds of Tom Sawyer’s adventures??

The hay was about 3m high and we slept warmly (yes! it was unbelievable warm) throughout the night


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