Astonishing Hungary !!

We thought we would just ride thru’ Hungary onward to Romania. But throughout the short 4 days, we were really caught by the helpful hands that reached out to us, not only from the ever friendly hungarians but also from the heartwarming Chinese (from China)!! Our wine tasting did not end in Slovakia .. erhem … we had the chance to savour the famous Tokaji wine on our 1st night! *giddy* We definitely have to start watching our alcohol content along the way!
Mid-Autumn festival is coming soon, our thoughts of home and eating mooncakes seemed a distance dream *sigh*, initially *grin*. Fate really brought us with a Chinese supermarket owner and his wife. Although we are already the 3rd generation of Chinese in Malaysia, but to them, we reflected the ever unique fighting spirit of the Chinese (Zhong Kuo Ren) all over the world!
As a support and encouragement to our journey home, they gave us a BOX of MOONCAKES!!!
We still can remember the words of Mrs.Lin over dinner (Yes! we were even invited to their shop for authentic chinese dinner),
”It’s fate that we can meet. Do eat more, do not worry. Please eat more rice (duo chi, duo chi). From now onwards, you never know when you will have a chance to have a another chinese dinner … duo chi, duo chi.”
Autumn climate is coming, cold and gloomy days with occasional drizzles. When the winter approaches, rain drops will turn into snow flakes … Onwards to Romania, Bulgaria … and Turkey!

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