Offroad tour of the nearby national park…tiring workout for a rest day..

Wojciech had decided to put his study aside to be our tour guide to the awesome national park he frequents, on bicycle of course!

A beautiful day to suit the awesome sights and what better ways than on our steeds. The 3 cyclists united once more!

In front of Krákow Gate.

Oh yah, without our baggages attached! Some offroad tour with much ups and downs. Almost like the Downhill Butchers!

Some sightseeing along the way …

It was a tedious uphill and downhill ride just to see this magnificent castle!

A wooden church called, “Church on the river” simply because, it is on the … river

Zofia and Lujca presenting our dinner for the hard day, traditional Polish dumplings with prunes!

With the Walczok family on our rest day dinner

Dinner … vegetable soup with dumplings *slurps* …

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