Re-establishing a contact we met along our journey..

He cycled more than 5000km in 3wks from Stockholm to Nordkapp and then back to home in this enchanting hillside village near Krákow, Bolechowice. We crossed path at the road down from Kemi in Finland, and a month later, he cycled another 14km from his home to the center of Krákow to meet the 2 fellow cyclists he met, only to bring them to his home as guests. We have so much fantastic food and a special cake he mother had prepared that she named, Mooncake, that we couldn´t deny the desire to request for another night stay :)

Wojciech and his tiny Fiat. Hey, this little car, 650cc, took us safely to and fro the city of Krákow, where we strolled its night streets.

Can´t resist either?! Specially for our welcome dinner! Dzienkuye Zofia!

The whole family at our lively welcome dinner. “Can you pass the salad please, Lucja?”

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