Warsaw … in search of the silver sword

Fortunate to meet kind and helpful people in a big city like Warsaw. Well-to-do people can be nice and generous too! They had a building where thereĀ“s a place for sleeping, shower and a nice simple kitchen too. DominikĀ“s mother gave us some Italian sponge cakes, apples, peaches and 6 eggs to add on to our pasta dinner, and Dominik himself bought us shower gel, chocolate and MARS bars, 6 pkts of yorgurts, cheese and butter and 10 more eggs! haha … sorry Singapore!

Chatting with the watchman, Marek, and Dominika of our route ahead.

And the newly engaged couple, Dominik and Dominika, our savior :)

A view of the remaining (10%) old town. Many have told us that Warsaw before WWII was more magnificent than the present Prague. Too bad … so we know who to thank for this!

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