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Bulgaria … after Sofia

Renew, refresh and repaired. We are ready to clock the kilometer again. The roads toward the mountain ranges seemed surprisingly peaceful … (Bulgaria … 7.10.04 to 18.10.04) Out of Sofia, we made headings into the mountain ranges. Here we met … Continue reading

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Bulgaria … before Sofia

We could have cut across this country and set bearings for Turkey, instead we decided to head to its capital, Sofia, to see what it has in store for us. The initial stretch of the roads is full of ups … Continue reading

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The Romania on the other side of the Fagaras Mountains …

The Fagaras Mountains basically divides Romania into north-south portions. Stay tuned for more of the other side of Romania! (Romania … 26.9.04 to 7.10.04) A rare treat for us – water melons! While stopping at a house for our lunch … Continue reading

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Trans Fagaras

No more hiking. The previous stay with Dan in Avrig convinced us to totally change our plans. We are still heading into the mountains but instead, we would be cycling over the Fagaras Mountains through the Trans Fagaras tunnel at … Continue reading

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In the land of myths and legends … Romania

Sep 26 we rode into Romania after been stalled at the border for 1hr. They have not seen Malaysian passports holders before so alot of running and telephone calls were necessary to ensure we did not need visas to enter … Continue reading

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Ready to hit the roads once more!

Yo! Zdravay! Got a replacement for the problem hub from the Shimano distributor in Sofia, Bulgaria Yeah, very fortunate indeed. In less than 24 hrs, in fact less than 6 hrs, our worries are cleared. Thanx to Velomania!! Bulgadaria! Now, … Continue reading

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Tech talk – 5000km (sean-STRONGMAN)

Hi guys! How u all doing? Kaarlo?? Not heard from u since … how’s the weather there in Finland? Anticipating your 1st snow? haha a2e has reached Sofia, Bulgaria. Into the 5000km mark. Most components and the STRONGMAN are still … Continue reading

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In the land where a head shake means “YES!” and a nod means “NO!”

Now stuck in Sofija, Bulgaria. It has started raining cats and dogs here. Though we have left Romania some 4 days already, the memories of warm romanian hospitality still linger in our minds. In Romania, we did something we never … Continue reading

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Recap – Hungarian Friendship

When we reached this country, we were told the roads going from its capital will be flat and smooth. Instead we found & learnt much more than we expected (Hungary … 20.9.04 to 26.9.04) Lunch, just by the romantic river … Continue reading

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A town with 2 hosts … Dudince, our last stop in Slovakia

(Slovak Republic … 13.9.04 to 20.9.04) Joining Pastor Radim Cingel at their Youth Group meeting in the evening. It was through Pastor Martis’ (Batizovce) contact that led us to Pastor Cingel in Dudince, our last stop in Slovakia. Attending Sunday … Continue reading

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