A town with 2 hosts … Dudince, our last stop in Slovakia

(Slovak Republic … 13.9.04 to 20.9.04)

Joining Pastor Radim Cingel at their Youth Group meeting in the evening. It was through Pastor Martis’ (Batizovce) contact that led us to Pastor Cingel in Dudince, our last stop in Slovakia.

Attending Sunday service at the Dudince Evangelicky Church. During the morning service, we were even asked to give a 5mins speech about our cycling trip home.

“In Vino Veritas”, loosely translated from latin meant “Truth after wine!”

Coincidentally, we had chanced upon a vineyard while walking in the hills of Dudince. Next moment, we were invited to a few rounds of homemade red wine! In the wine cellar with the owner (picture).

Don’t the grapes look JUICY and TEMPTING??? Ans: YES! *grin*

Our ‘guide’, Roderik cutting grapes for us. Annually, they can produce 2000L of wine from that vineyard but none are sold. Instead they are given to friends and families or used in barter trade. The wine making know how was passed down from Roderik’s grandparents.

Wine tasting (again) in the wine cellar. Roderik’s parents also make a kind of wine very similar in taste to the fame Tokaji wine.

Lending a helping hand to Roderik’s mum in cleaning the h e a v y wine barrel

Tasting the mineral water that makes Dudince famous for their thermal spa therapy. The locals called the water ‘egg water’ because of the bad egg smell and taste.

Bidding farewell to Pastor Radim Cingel and his family

Farewell to our 2nd host in Dudince, Roderik outside the hotel where he is working

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