Bulgaria … after Sofia

Renew, refresh and repaired. We are ready to clock the kilometer again. The roads toward the mountain ranges seemed surprisingly peaceful …
(Bulgaria … 7.10.04 to 18.10.04)

Out of Sofia, we made headings into the mountain ranges. Here we met Mr Stilian by chance. Initially he has only intended to spend a few hours in this small village where he has a small ‘holiday house’, then return to his family in Sofia. On meeting us and, he let us stay in his house and spent the night with us :)

Mr Stilian’s holiday house, where he can get away from the city, the traffic and his wife ….

The colours of the wind painted in the trees on the mountain walls …. so magnificently!

Mdm Yulianova kept telling us “My house has no electricity”, but we didn’t understand at first. Well, with the warmth from her stove & by the waving flame from the candle, we related our journey to her, and the dark did not matter.

Jin shifu sharing his cooking tricks with us. He has only came to this mountain resort town recently. As in Lovec, Jin is all the Chinese you’ll find here in Karlovo. Like many Chinese who have ventured overseas, he planned to make a big and good earnings to send back to his home soon. Ah … home is never too far from our hearts :)

His restaurant, Bei Jing, standing near the foot of the mountains. With promising spirits and hardwork, Jin shall see the fruits of his labour!

A friend of Mr Dragomir, we managed to ‘hunt down’ Mr Dobrev this sunday. He was about to spend the day with his children and wife, but, we have to show up … sigh … really weekend spolier huh! Well, at dinner, he brought his children’s English teacher to bridge our communications. We cannot be more grateful!!

The next day, the mist sets in, all around. It seemed that we were riding into thick walls of clouds … :O … what can be waiting for us??

Practicing his belief in his humble home, Kiro hope to share his faith with his neighbours with songs and recitation from the holy book. Everyman to his belief …

One of the many stores selling homemade products in this open bazaar. Different paste (jam) of sesame seeds, baked walnuts and a variety of honey. A hint that our days to come will be sweeter?

Before that, let’s dig in to this sesame paste! Yummy … a close resemblance to the much missed peanut butter. Was told that this paste will gives the man ‘great power’!! heehee …

The real celebrity! Mr Peter Steffensen, a Danish who is making a journey more than 3000km from Copenhagen to Ankara in promotion of Turkey entry into EU. Everyday he will cycle about 200km!! We were lucky to meet him towards the border. Go! Go! Go!

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