Bulgaria … before Sofia

We could have cut across this country and set bearings for Turkey, instead we decided to head to its capital, Sofia, to see what it has in store for us. The initial stretch of the roads is full of ups and downs, and many tunnels to ride through… little did we realised, that’s more than meet the eyes …. Bulguria proved to be the most challenging so far …
(Bulgaria … 7.10.04 to 18.10.04)

Crossing the Duna river once more on an amazing bridge *no photos allowed*

Probably not too many foreigners passing through in their small town, we became a one-time celebrity, signing autographs for these school children! They were really eager to speak with us and practice their newly acquired language, English.

A group photo with our young ‘fans’ and their lovely English teacher ;)

Mr Chang, the only Chinese in the city Lovec (Lo-vech), also one of the earliest to come to the country. He holds a top-graded chef title and has been serving in majors restaurants in China before venturing to the western shore. Now Chang shifu has set up a family here and is happily living with his Bulgarian wife and their 6-yr old children.

Nearly till 9pm this cold night, after countless of attempts to find a hosting family, we were relieved to heard the question of a young boy “Can I help you” in English. Stanimir soon led us to the town’s orphanage where we met the smiles and warming welcome from the children. :)

Making hot fresh bread before sunrise, the bakers invited us into the floury ‘oven’. We stood in wonder as they churn out the daily loaves, ready to the nearby villages.

The Bulgarians are caution to let outsiders into their homes, but these bakers were so ready to share that they gave us 3 fresh loaves for our roads ahead!

De Yue Lou, the Song family making a simple living with their new restaurant in the capital city, Sofia. This country probably boast the least no. of Chinese in Europe, however with is low spending power from the locals, their business was quite ‘comfortably’ managed. Nonetheless, they rendered their helping hands to us no less!

The driving force of Velomania assembly workshop. The real professionals at work! Keep it up guys!!

Mr Dragomir, a master cyclist himself, with his nephew, bidding us good fortunate for our travel in Bulgaria.

Another night in Sofia, making a home on the floor of the Chinese restaurant, New Red Sun.

Zhang and his brother, A-Jian and their ever “no problem” to all our needs. If not for Zhang, our days in Sofia would have been more difficult. 4 young men, with goals to chase and dreams to fulfill :D

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