In the land where a head shake means “YES!” and a nod means “NO!”

Now stuck in Sofija, Bulgaria. It has started raining cats and dogs here. Though we have left Romania some 4 days already, the memories of warm romanian hospitality still linger in our minds.
In Romania, we did something we never tried before, scaling a mountain by bicycles. To cross from the Transyvlnyia to the south of Romania, we had to cycle from 600m to 2144m, over 30km in terms of asphalt covered, all the way up. Definitely the toughest traverse through the mountains we have covered so far. But we believe that was only the introduction to what we may face in Middle Asia in coming months … haa … *grin*
Turkey will be our next country but currently it is Sofija that we have to find shelter for the nights. We are stuck at the moment due to a technical problem with the bike.
Keeping our fingers crossed … *wink*

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