Recap – Hungarian Friendship

When we reached this country, we were told the roads going from its capital will be flat and smooth. Instead we found & learnt much more than we expected :)
(Hungary … 20.9.04 to 26.9.04)

Lunch, just by the romantic river Duna, our 1st contact with this well-known river. Tasting the sweetness of the bread & jam given by the pastor of Dudince, basking in the sun, in peace with heaven & earth.

This man hitch-hiked from home to the highlands of Scotland & back to tell his tales. Botond took us in at his gate with little doubts & is offering us the BEST wine in his country, Toikaji ;)

With his active & agile children by the dining table, Botond served us as many Hungarian food as he can find from his fridge for he knows that one of the most delightful rewards of travelling to a foreign land is to sample its local food ;)

We were told Budapest has the biggest wholesale market and the most number of Mainland Chinese in the eastern portion of Europe. In this small market along Fay Street, about 300m in length, we met Mr Xue whom we chatted for a while. It have never been easy make a living in a foreign country…

Having lunch along a busy street in the city, outside Nyagati railway station (among the major & oldest) with a 24hr Mac behind us. (A friend sat in the fast-food restaurant throughout the night, so it must be 24hrs!)

With the Chain Bridge, Szechenyi lanchid, in the background, this young city boy took an interest in our strange clothings & bulky bicycles. Before long, he offered his house for us to spend the night. Zoli has cycled from the origin of the Duna river to Budapest, a distance of 1500km for 3 wks when he was only 12 yrs old!

Together with his mother, Zsuzsanna, & his sister, Anna, we described our route home … some 12,000km away …

The boss Mr Lin & Mrs Lin gave us this box of mooncakes which has flown here from mainland China by plane to this European city like many of his other goods! We were speechless, warmth surge of blood through our body. The festival cake found easily back home has become so precious & meaningful during that moment :)

More than 10 different Chinese newspapers catering to just one community of 30,000 Chinese in Budapest! We learnt that there’s also a Chinese school running classes for Hungarians too!

A Chinese “Jia Chang Bian Fan” (common home dishes) which we haven’t seen in wks, ah….the taste was ‘more than words’ :D Mrs Lin encouraged us “Whenever you’re in a foreign country, just look for the red lanterns & you’ll likely to find a Chinese restaurant & Chinese people will help you guys” … Fei Chang Xie Xie Ning, Lin Tai Tai (Thank you very much Mrs Lin)!

The weird but extremely sweet fruit that we haven’t seen in our life, Fig. Awesome! Sorry guys back home, only can see for you, & no touch ;)

112km out of the Hungarian capital, cycling on pretty much flat roads (Thank goodness!), we met the welcoming arms of 3 elderly folks, Mihaly, his wife Mihalyne (Maria) and Frence (a Hollywood star look-alike!)

Maria, a small grandma with a gigantic loaf of bread. Notice what she has in her hand??!

Mihaly, the grandpa with a comical face, holding his favourite cup, just as cartoonie :)

Which Hollywood star have we bumped into? Yah! Mr ‘Clooney’ is as eager to learn about us as we about these 3 nice elderly folks. Sadly to us, this old house we’ve stayed is currently on sale…will we step foot in it again? hmm…

“Long Feng”, the Dragon & Phoenix Chinese Restaurant, has been very exquisitely decorated with wood cravings and paintings.

The lady boss, Mdm Zhu (treated us lunch served) served a fast-food style lunch package which is attracting a healthy flow of customers! In this small town , with no more than 20 Chinese, she is striking out a new life with her child.

The Mako family: Laszlo, Gyongyi (his wife), & their 2 daugthers Barbara & Gabriella. We stayed with them for 3 days for how can we deny the bait when they tempted us by cooking those fabulous Hungarian dishes & the country No. 1 cake ‘Maglya rakas’! More importantly, memorable friendship while the sky above was dull & gloomy.

Readily keen to show us Mako’s new water fountain in the city center. Mako is dubbed the Onion City!

The IDEAL Man!
No Drinking
No Smoking
No Gambling
No Sex…
No LIFE!! … heehee ….

Putting my hand into the making of Maglya rakas! Roughly translated as ‘pile pack’ or ‘pile layer’.

The finished product! Ah … much satisfied. Ready to tuck into the pile?!

Receiving a haircut from Gyongyi. Looking pro huh??

A 2nd customer … hmmm … what do you think? :)

Never easy to part. Especially to such homely companionship … may our paths cross again …

Returning to our roads … farewell Mako, farewell Onion city!

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