Tech talk – 5000km (sean-STRONGMAN)

Hi guys! How u all doing? Kaarlo?? Not heard from u since … how’s the weather there in Finland? Anticipating your 1st snow? haha :)

a2e has reached Sofia, Bulgaria. Into the 5000km mark. Most components and the STRONGMAN are still working fine, taking a load of about ~40kg in the front and ~80kg at the rear (considering my weight, ~68kg and forces acting on it while going rough). At certain uphill, the speed has been only 6km/h, while downhill, achieved a max so far of 62.6km/h! Shocking speed on such a heavy baggage I reckon. What do u think? However, my Dynamo hub, 3D70, has ran it’s toll. At about 4800km, I’ve experienced ticking sound and vibration. It has gotten worse since and now locking nut at the terminal side has given way and my front wheel is wobbling terribly. Not sure what has happened …. QE please help! :) Other than this major situation, the RD is exhibiting its thirstiness with some ‘squicking’ sound at times. Else it is still shifting perfectly. The FD is performing equally with exact and snappy shifting too! Thanks Peter! The wider link XT down-swing surely is wonderful. HollowTech II crank set is not showing any fatigue at all. With a swipe, it looks brand new! It has also swiped away my initial worry for its toughness :) It’s hollow!!
Alright so far from STRONGMAN. Till next 5000km! haha … and so glad to be so much nearer to home ;)

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