The Romania on the other side of the Fagaras Mountains …

The Fagaras Mountains basically divides Romania into north-south portions. Stay tuned for more of the other side of Romania!
(Romania … 26.9.04 to 7.10.04)

A rare treat for us – water melons! While stopping at a house for our lunch break, we were given water melons, courtesy of the romanian family.

Stopping for a chat with a gypsy family on the road. Such horse driven mobile gypsy house can still be commonly seen on romanian roads. The family was cooking mamaliga (corn flour meal) by the roadside when we approached them.

Another view of the house

With Father Martin in “Maica Indurerata” (Crying mother) Catholic church in Bucharest. While approaching the houses on the brink of Bucharest city, we were brought to Father Martin’s church instead.

Father Martin’s church organises alot of humanitarian assistance and relief to the neighbourhood community esp the poor, the streets children and the old folks, regardless of their religion. Boxes in picture were collected from Holland over a year, comprising of clothings, shoes and toys. Those aid would be distributed to the needy families over the coming weeks, before the winter.

Construction of a new community building besides the church. Father Martin intends to use the building to provide shower facilities to the >5000 street children around the neighbourhood. In addition, it will also house their own foundation (You Are Not Alone), running volunteering works such as providing hot meals daily to the old folks living alone.

Helping Celina, secretary-cook-pianoist in organising the aid materials

With the diplomats in the Malaysia Embassy in Bucharest. With pure coincidence, we were able to meet the Ambassador before he returned to the Msia Embassy in Poland. Thumbs up, “Malaysia Boleh!”

Our last stay in Romania in Uzunu village, with Geta and Ion. We had our dinner in their garden, watching the beautiful sunset over homemade Romanian red wine …

Having our last meal of mamaliga in Geta’s house before we leave Romania. Mamaliga (from corn flour)was the commoner’s food for centuries before bread was introduced into Romania.

On the Romania-Bulgaria bridge over the Danube river. Farewell to Romania!

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