Trans Fagaras

No more hiking. The previous stay with Dan in Avrig convinced us to totally change our plans. We are still heading into the mountains but instead, we would be cycling over the Fagaras Mountains through the Trans Fagaras tunnel at 2044m! (Picture) Approaching the base of the mountain at 600m after leaving Cartisoara village.
(Romania … 26.9.04 to 7.10.04)

Arriving at 1234m after a painstaking 3 1/2hrs of cranking the pedals up the mountain. The high mountain pass in the background would be our destination eventually!

Approaching the steepest part of the ascent. From here, it took us nearly 2hrs to to crank up inch by inch the 7km zig-zag asphalt road.

The treacherous twisting roads leading to the Trans Fagaras pass. Looking down on the way up, we could not believe we had pedalled up so far already …

The snake liked twisting roads …

Atlas! Finally at the Trans Fagaras tunnel at 2044m! It was a first for both of us to attempt a traverse over a mountain pass at such height on bicycles. *phew* All the sweat and teeth biting effort really paid off when we proudly stood infront of the tunnel.

The way down … road signs read “Speed limit – 40km/h” !!!

At 1285m, after the speedy descent down the Fagaras Mountains

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