The fortress capital of Turkey … Ankara

Ataturk, the Father of Turkey. In a few days time, it’ll be the National Day (Independence). Around every corner, you’ll bump into this big man, either huge banner like this or small posters. This year we celebrate the 81st year of founding by the big man, who most, if not all, people so loved.
(Turkey … 18.10.04 to 1.12.04)

Delta Bisiklet in Ankara was the contact given by Mr.Dragomir from Sofia, Bulgaria 1mth ago. A family run business arising from motorcycles, the Baydar brothers have also been actively involved in organising MTB races in the recent years. Mountain biking though is still a niche market in Ankara and Turkey.

Bakhrom, a Tajik working in Delta Bisiklet advised us on the Tajikistan area and situation in Central Asia. Bakhrom himself is an avid mountain bike racer and is currently studying in Ankara.

“Come! To welcome you guys! We being from China, you from Malaysia, yet all the way, we have come to meet here in Ankara. Come, Drink! Let’s drink to Fate!
*ps. please don’t count the cans :P

This is the family of the Head of Chancery for the Malaysian Embassy in Ankara, Turkey. This night we’re having home-style curry chicken!! *slurps*

“So these are the bicycles you will be riding home?” the Ambassador queried while inspecting our bicycles outside the Malaysia Embassy in Ankara.

With the Ambassador, H.E. Dato’ Ahmad Mokhtar Selat and Counsellor/Head of Chancery, Mr.Jojie Samuel in the Malaysia Embassy in Ankara.

With Mr.Sohami, First Secretary in the Malaysia Embassy who have given us valuable assistance in our applications for the Central Asia entry visas.

The winter may be cold, but this kitchen is often warm & we never walkout from here without a full stomach!

Our 1st visa! Georgia!

The Sisters of Ankara. We promised to post this shot in the site ;) What a humorous time we had with them! They are the real-life Sister Act! :D

9 days ago, we were struggling up the steep slope at around 10pm, leading to the Chinese restaurant, Cheng Ji Si Han. Upon opening its door, the lady boss Qian tai (or fondly known as Mummy Qian), met us with wide opened arms. It was the most relieved moment for us. Now after attending to the numerous visa enquires, paid visit to our dedicated diplomats, filled our stomach with lots of Chinese food & made wonderful new friends, we have to pack up our feelings & head on towards home … long live Cheng Ji Si Han!

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