Turkey … where the West meets the East

Selimiye Camil in Erdine, one of the biggest mosque in Turkey. Hols Gedeniz, welcome to Turkey!
(Turkey … 18.10.04 to 1.12.04)

Our first night in Turkey, in a Police dormitory in Erdine city. After running out of luck knocking on doors late into the night, we ran into some kids who brought us to the Police booth. It was there that we got to meet the Police Chief and was offered the place to sleep in their Police dormitory. We had our first cup of Turkish coffee from the youths (whose fathers are all policemen) staying in that dormitory.

Turkish sweet pastries, a favourite amongst the turkish, especially during the ramasan month

Another traveler on bike! We met Flip Dijkstra, a dutch cyclist in his 50s who had cycled from Amsterdam bound for Syria and Egypt. He was already 3 months on the road when we met him. At his age and still traveling by bike, he is certainly an inspiration to us!

Milking the cows with their new modern milking machine. 2 of their cows can produce 30L of milk daily and Mehmet sells the milk for $1/liter.

Mehmet and Hatice Yaman at their house in Vakiflar. The milking machine is in the right background.

Venice?! Oops, are we in the right direction H O M E ??

We merely stopped at this Shell petrol station for a pee. But we were offered instant coffee, courtesy of the Manager afterwards. Such is the surprise that bounced on us in Turkey!

With Orhan and his family in Parkkoy, off Silivri. Orhan has previously worked in South Korea and Japan before so he has picked up English. Notice the low table in the picture. When we were in Turkey, it happened to be the start of the Ramasan (fasting) month. We sat and ate with the family in this manner when they broke fast in the evening.

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