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After Ganja … into the works of man

The roads out of Ganja were as good as those when we entered. Here it’s the central region of Azerbaijan. Here there are more open fields. Here we discovered a new baijan … (Azerbaijan … 14.12.04 to 7.01.2005) This is … Continue reading

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Azerbaijan … To Ganja

Azerbaijan, the country of Fire. If you recall the well-known Chinese tale, ‘Journey to the West’, there were mentions of ‘Mountain of Five Fingers’ and ‘Firey Mountain’. These can be found here in Azerbaijan! Long long time ago … there … Continue reading

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Georgia … after the pass

Breezing down after the Rikito, a valley town formed a panaromic display with the snow-capped mountains, orangy afternoon sky, alpine forest & a centuries old castle. Even the town’s name, Surami, protrays a graceful melody as the Georgian flag dance … Continue reading

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Georgia…before Rikoti pass

Georgia, a new beginning with a young president. We entered this country with a careful heart as so many words of caution have been told to us, “cycle fast across”, “hitch a ride with the trucks and depart sooner”. What … Continue reading

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Hols Gediniz … Gule Gule

8 days ago, we closed another chapter in our journey home. For 6 weeks, over 20 villages, towns, cities & remote locations, we were doused with hospitality difficult to express in words. We had entered Turkey warm and sunny. Although … Continue reading

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Last days in Turkey …

The last few days of our ride along the Black Sea Coast. The 8 days in Vakfikebir had somehow changed our physique (*grin*) but it was definitely nice to hit the roads again, especially with the sun bright and shining! … Continue reading

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