Last days in Turkey …

The last few days of our ride along the Black Sea Coast. The 8 days in Vakfikebir had somehow changed our physique (*grin*) but it was definitely nice to hit the roads again, especially with the sun bright and shining!
(Turkey … 18.10.04 to 1.12.04)

With the all males family in Trabzon, playing the turkish mahjong, OKAY. I lost this game due to this picture … *grin*

Smoking the liquid form of cigarette – Nargile, once very popular in turkish tea houses.

Midnight supper at Ahmet’s house in Cayeli. Our host in Cayeli was actually Ahmet’s buddy but Ahmet ended up hosting us in his apartment after we declined the offer for a hotel stay.

With Mehmet and Ahmet in the bank where they work. We got to know Mehmet (our supposed-to-be host in Cayeli) through the contact given by our previous host in Trabzon.

Cheers from the black sea coast! (Notice the snow clad mountains in the background?)

Hopa Police Station. With Mr. Salih Sarmusak, the Police Chief of Hopa and an English teacher. Remember our incident in Murdurnu? We had finally delivered the hand written message from Mr.Zekeriye (the Murdurnu Police Chief) to his best friend, Mr.Sarmusak, after 5 weeks and 1500km later. Seeing the surprise and joy on his face esp when he spoke to Mr.Zekeriye over the phone really warmed our hearts. What a sense of achievement!

Our good weather days finally run out as we reached Hopa, merely 18km from the border with Georgia … it seemed we were bound to leave Turkey in wet condition.

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