Kurban Bayram

Kurban bayram is one of the Muslim holy days, Feast of Sacrifice or Festival of pilgrimage, celebrated over 3 days in Turkmenistan. In Malaysia, we know it as Hari Raya Haji. Eid ul-Adha (Arabic: عيد الأضحى) is second in the series of Eid festivals that Muslims celebrate.
(Turkmenistan … 09.01.05 to 10.02.05)

With the police at the Ashgabat capital border checkpoint. We were surprised that the police initiated the photo taking session. We were told before to be careful of what we photographed on the road, especially near military or police sites. Police checkpoints are very common in Turkmenistan. At certain checkpoints, we even had to register with the police.

At Carymyrat’s place in Herrikgala. Carymyrat was the truck driver who had invited us to his place 5 days ago in that dessert cafe. We had managed to arrive just in time for the Kurban bayram celebration at his place.

Carymyrat catching one of his sheeps for slaughter. It was his family’s turn to host the Kurban bayram lunch the next day. A sheep would be slaughtered by each family during the Kurban bayram.

Skinning the sheep. As in muslim practice, the throat was first sliced with the reciting of Koran verse and the sheep would bleed to death. For those who do not use the sheep skin, it would be sold to others for US$1.

Removing the organs and dis-intersecting the whole sheep. The whole slaughtering process lasted 35mins.

Mutton stew cooked in a big pot with all the mutton fats. The family woke up at 7am to prepare for the Kurban lunch.

Baking choret (bread) in tamdyr, a clay stove. Freshly baked choret are always the most tasty!

Finally, the brothers and relatives of Carymyrat at the Kurban bayram lunch.

The ladies and children were seated in another room, eating separately from the guys.

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