New found friends from CSC

I believe the people who painted this big sign that we so happen to spot along the road never could have imagine the help it has rendered to us.

We ended up been invited for lunch in CSC’s canteen. And what a lunch it was – 2 pieces of meat, vegetables and big servings of rice with soup and salad, not forgetting the mandarin oranges and drinks. The CSC employees were indeed very well fed!

Baku’s oil fields, more than a hundred years old and among the oldest oil fields in the world. Even though rich in history and oil, the oil fields did not generate world attention until Hollywood came into picture. Well, they did not come to drill oil for sure. A few minutes of the James Bond film “The World is not enough” was shot on location! Can anyone recall that scene from the movie???

For almost a week, we put up with YC Liew, the Project Manager, in his City Mansion. While his colleagues, KC Leong & KP Low, painstakingly helped us to source for a vessel to cross the Caspian Sea. Other than being a fellow countryman, we have no family nor employment relationships yet the care, support and friendship we’ve received from them have been more than expected! Thanx guys! We couldn’t have asked for more … especially Tracy ‘drunken chicken’ *wink*

In their apartment, the President of CSC, Bill & his wife, Alicia, played host. We had dinner (quoted “the best cooking in Baku”), karaoke (quoted “the best singer”) and showcase to an extraordinary art gallery.

A tiger in Baku? This has been brilliantly painted by Alicia. Among her other works, there are a number of dogs, cats, a few rabbits, a couple of frogs and beetles, an owl, plenty of buildings and many more! Amazing! Simply incredible … she is totally self-taught!

This is the last view our friends saw of us, leaving for the pier … darkness awaits in silence …

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