Previously known as “Krasnovodsk” in the Soviet days, this little port city was once a Soviet military base. Today, it has been renamed as “Turkmenbashi” – Head of Turkmen, a title given to their President. Turkmenbashi port city has since become a summer beach resort, flocked by Turkmens every summer.
(Turkmenistan … 09.01.05 to 10.02.05)

Malaysia ASSAM and RICE! 2300hrs, 9/Jan, our 1st host and 1st dinner in Turkmenistan. Zul, a fellow Malaysian, works for Petronas Carigali in their Supply Base in Turkmenbashi.

Outside Petronas Carigali Supply Base with ALL the Malaysians working there. Besides Zul, the rest of the Malaysians were sub-contractors working for Petronas’ offshore rig in Caspian sea.

Another rare treat of Malaysia meal, specially cooked by the Weatherford guys! A mixture of Indian and Malay cuisine … *slurps*

The view from Kuwat’s house, which sits on a hill overlooking the Caspian sea.

At Kuwat’s house for ‘tea’ (Kuwat is Zul’s personal driver). Looking at the spread of food, one would think we were there for lunch!

After 2 days, 3 nights in Turkmenbashi dealing with our tourist registration (OVIR), we finally hit the road on 12/Jan. It was just a day after a typhoon alert in Turkmenbashi when we began our virgin ride on Central Asia soil, on the Great Silk Road.

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