Year of the Rooster

Coming Feb 9th will be the most important day on the Chinese calendar – Chinese New Year! A time for family reunion, rejoice and the start of our new year.
From our first Chinese meal in Finland to Hungary’s mooncakes, Sofia’s restaurant nights, Turkey’s stay with the chefs and Georgia’s wholesalers, we have come across many overseas Chinese who have extended a helping hand to us along the way.
For many of them, the priority is to earn as much as possible, some to support families back in China, others to grab the opportunity to see the world while still young and able.
Chinese New Year, however, carries a different meaning for these overseas Chinese. One Chinese friend once quoted, “Year (nian) is easy to pass as it is only 1 day. To go through day by day is actually the most difficult part!”
For some of them, celebrating the Lunar New Year maybe just a simple get-together dinner with their friends. For many, it is just another day on their calendar, sweating out in the restaurant’s kitchen or engaging in the wholesale business where time is as important as money.
For us, well … we maybe on the road, somewhere out there. Nevertheless, on this auspicious day, our sincere wishes to all the Chinese friends overseas …
p/s: And not forgetting our friends and families back home or somewhere out there, “Treasure the golden opportunity to reunite, rejoice and to reflect … HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!”

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