“Kitaiski adam bar ma?”

It has been the period of the Chinese New Year and we were desperately wishing for a Chinese dinner. Almost every city we came by, we’ll pop the question “Chinese people have or not?” …
(Uzbekistan … 10.02.05 to 10.03.05)

Along the road heading to Samarqand city center, this sign was too hard to miss, Zong Xi Yi Yi Liao Zong Xing (Oriental-Western Medical Centre). Since then, we never managed to cycle to the city center.

Doc Dai & his wife, Shulan, have come to Uzbekistan during the Soviet era. After a great deal of struggle & hardwork, they started the centre together with their son, daughter-in-law, daughter and son-in-law. Currently, it has 55 rooms and is one of the biggest private limited in the region.

With their earnings, the doctor bought pieces of land some 20km from the city. This plot with a pool has became their daily retreat from city life. Doc Dai said the rest of the land, “for my grandchildren”. A total of 12!

The face of Mrs Dai showed astonishment & she had every reason for it. She was cooking dinner in the dark as We were without electricity for a few hours. The light returned just in time! Finally we can see what’s cooking! :D

This night in their countryside bungalow, we’re having our 1st Chinese New Year dinner at last! It was the 9th day of New Year. Together with us are their 2 housekeepers, the elder man is called Rahmatulor.

A step into their house revealed a wall painting of ancient Chinese figures. Some years ago, the doctor’s friend painted it for him.

The dog’s fur carpet has been made by their son-in-law, very unique and elegant. He is a doctor as well as en engineer, for the house was built by him too!

Their daughter has met her Korean husband in Russia during their studies. From there love flourished and now this is their family. Thankfully for their children, we were able to make some conversation in English.

This is what they enjoy doing in their free time now; feeding chickens, turkeys, ducks, rabbits and tending to cow & donkey. Simply lay back, relax and lead a peaceful life.

The Registon of Samarqand. One big smile for the camera!

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