Last town, Farap

Pensioners crowding to get their monthly pension in Farab, the town sitting on the frontier with Uzbekistan.
(Turkmenistan … 09.01.05 to 10.02.05)

Workers of the Ismailow family loading sacks of special cow food onto a truck for distribution to other markets.

SK with a microphone but fortunately he was not singing. We were invited to the birthday party of our Farap host’s nephew and niece. As invited guests, SK was asked to give blessings to the twins in mandarin and English, and also broken Turkmen.

The grand birthday celebration held for the twins. They even hired a band and a singer to spice up the night. Women and children were dancing in the hall while the men were drinking (vodka) in the next room.

Lights out, candles blowing, Happy 11th birthday to the twins. Thanks to them, we were so stuffed with food that night (we had 2 dinners). In some way, that was also our Chinese New Year dinner!

With our last Turkmen family in Farap. It was drizzling snow the day we left for Uzbekistan.

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