Along the edges of Kyrgyzstan

“Show me your passport”. Didn’t like the tone of the officer & so we decided not to present our documents obediently. He was obviously not pleased & shouted to his soldier to bring out the ‘avtomat’ (machine gun). Hmm..intimidation?! This provoked our defenses even greater & we stood be our denial. Instead, we insisted that he show us his documents first! We argued that his gang, in the military outfit and their truck could be robbers & night try to snatch our valuable passports away. After a few minutes, he flashed his ID card to us & then we took out ours. *grin* Stand to your rights!
(Kazakhstan … 10.03.05 to 23.04.05)

This is Aspara village, the last settlement before the Kazakh road cut through part of the Kyrgyz land. Our presence attracted some villagers, but none quite offered to accommodate us.

Sometimes it is easier & more fun to chat with little people. It’s always okie when we don’t really get each other. With a nod & smile, everything will be fine. Ah … this is lovely Kurbanai & her friends… our new little friends :)

Atus in his cafe cutting bread for us. A young boy with a big heart.

The 1st word Kanat said when he opened his doors to us was, “Konak (guest)?” His friend has received 2 Belgium cyclists travelling like us the year before. This year, the traveller’s star has fallen on his door. Rahmet to Kanat, your cheerful children & your angry dog!

This shot was taken on Kyrgyz land, showing the Kazakh road & 2 border posts from both countries.

This is a Dong Gan man from Kyrgyzstan, in his cafe near the border post. He is making ‘lagmon’ (noodle), a food popular to the Kyrgyz, he told.

Today is Nauryz Bayram & we’ve just arrived in time to catch the last scoop of the village’s feast at Sara Bulak. The locals who saw us practically ushered us to seat down on the roll of tables that were placed outside this house & get us to ‘kushid’ (eat).

Azat has also agreed to take us in for the night too. Rahmet & Happy Kazakh New Year!

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