At last, Tashkent with Abdulla & gang

This is the man who has arranged for our Uzbek visa to be issued with little hassle. Now Mr Abdulla has even offered to shelter us for the next few days as we wait for our Kazakh visa.
(Uzbekistan … 10.02.05 to 10.03.05)

Another golden opportunity for us to reconcile with Malay dishes, and what a homely taste! The last time was in Ashgabat, not so long ago … ah … spicy! Like it!

Mrs Abdulla took us out for an evening walk and shopping together with her 2 playful & mischievous children …”I want balloons!” they cried.

The well-known street Broadway, lined with rows & rows of paintings! What an impressive display! Simply like an open-air gallery.

“sshhh…don’t let them see it”. We weren’t supposed to take any photos of the Metro, but quietly we took a shot of its chips. Looks like a token for Daytona .. heehee..

This must be the most well-stocked library an embassy can have! There are newspapers, magazines, brochures & books from Malaysia about products, company profiles, travel , history and the Bahasa Melayu language. Also of Uzbekistan, namely its history, ancient sites and culture.

One of Mr Abdulla’s hobby is to collect antiques & what a better place than the Central Asia to quench that thirst! Here is ‘Yangi Bozor’ (ironically named ‘New Bazaar’), where you can find all kinds of remnants of the Soviet era.

Banners that portraits Lenin & his glory, badges & pins with the Red Star …

These over sized military hat are definitely another worthwhile collections, all bought by our host :)

Today we’re visiting the mountains! Can you feel that hot sun above, keenly melting the snow & bringing the life back to the stream?

This is Chimgan, the Western Tien Shan. With the snow still plentiful& the sun scorching above, it’s the best time for some snow fun!

For us, from the far east, what a picnic this is to brag about! Furthermore, you wan to guess what these fantastic macik have cooked for us? …nasi lemak, goreng pisang, sambal sotong, meehoon goreng, koropok, milo jelly, teh tarik ….and so on lah *grin*

Out from no where came … the 3 Musketeers, riding their trusty steed up into the snowy mountains…& they returned with “ouch, my buttock” …

Ah … I’ll take a nap on this white mattress …

And I’ll just get ready to conquer the slopes!

A dam has been built in the mountains, creating an emerald blue reservoir among the snow peaks … ah … what a wonderful world ….hmmm…. In Summer, a swimming paradise!

This night, Mr Zakaria hosted dinner. Wow.. another incredible feast of Malay cooking! You can imagine what a daunting task the wife of diplomat holds. Not only does she have to socialize & be familiar with the national culture, she has to be a top-class cook! Thousands of applauses to all, our ladies *thumbs up*

The staffs of the Embassy of Malaysia, Tashkent. Thanks for all your supports, assistance & tolerance for us. Best wishes!

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