Kazakhstan … to Shymkent

Less than 30km from Tashkent lies the tamorgi (border) of Kazakhstan. A short ride after custom reveals the vastness of this country. At least 4 times the size of Malaysia (East & West), yet 30% less in population.
(Kazakhstan … 10.03.05 to 23.04.05)

Sadik had come to repair his bicycle tube when he met us at the shop. We had stopped for a breather. Hardly chatted much, the next thing we know, Sadik invited us home.

His wife making fresh bread. Another type of tamder we’ve seen, smaller in size, but does not require the ‘bend down into the fire’ maneuver.

1st taste of Kazakhs hospitality … in Kazakhstan.

On the road towards Shymkent, stalls like this sprouted up. It was cold but still good enough for a short lunch-break. The lady generously gave us a bowl of ‘Koje’, & said “Konak! Konak!” (guest!) to us. Actually, they were also asking us to take them away too … heehee …

Every stalls seemed to be selling the same, namely Kemiz (horse milk). It’ll help to warm the body, but also gives a slight drunken feeling … hmmm …

We were led to some Chinese shops by a Chinese chef. He was helping us to find a home for the night.

We’ve found it. Aunty Luan was the only righteous soul. She knew that harbouring us might give her trouble with the landlord, but she couldn’t bear to leave us just like that.

Our bicycles were parked inside her shop. She sells all kinds of items, ice-cream machines, chicken grillers, electrical supplies, household appliances, even instant noodles & various types of seasonings. All imports from China.

Aunty Luan took us like her sons, making sure we have enough food, enough nutrition & energy for our long journey ahead. She has come from Urumuqi, Xinjiang, but sadly, we won’t be heading that way.

The next morning, all went smoothly as planned. We went around the bid Chef Chang farewell before riding on, while the sky continue its downpour.

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