Of letter and green rolling hills

Remember Azerbaijan? This is the very letter written 2 months ago & finally we have delivered it to the hands of our host in Bulungur, almost 2000km away.
(Uzbekistan … 10.02.05 to 10.03.05)

The recipient, Mdm Ulus, was more stunned than surprised to see us at her front gate. Once inside her house, she eased up a little and we can see her shinny teeth through her smile :)

Milasim, her husband came home shortly in his taxi. They explained that they are in fact Turk, and hence they watched the Turkish channel on their satellite TV.

Coming into a hilly landscape, we saw many roadside stores selling fruits & bottles of white balls. Hmm … after a little inspection, the store lady was very kind & generously gave us a ball each. Ah … cheese balls!

Our host, busy clearing the soil from the barn, suggested we take a hike to the surrounding hills. And up we went, leaving our load behind in his house. What a feeling!

The village of Qarasoy. The view was so heavenly, the air tasted so reviving & my thoughts soared higher.

This is their toy, the Downhill Go-Kart. No helmet, no protective gears, just your courage and off you go!

Most of the kids sit on the kart, but not for this daring one. He prefer the lying down way! Very skillful as he maneuvered between the markers & specially at braking too!

The goats & lambs returning from their highland grazing … time to go home.

Jumanazar & his son Murat drove us 12km to the city center of Jizzak, just to treat us to their famous dish, in their famous restaurant! Our 1st Uzbek somsa!

His daughter, Oysha & his 1st grandchild, Sevinah, which stand for love. Oysha is taking her 1-yr maternity leave.

Proudly presenting our Malaysian map once again & always hoping someday … someday we can return their kindness in our land. Rahmat!

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