Rainy Turk & Misty Chechnya

Alihan was home with his children when we knocked on his door. During the lunch stop, the rain has intensified. Before we could finish our bread, Alihan invited us to stay for the night.
(Kazakhstan … 10.03.05 to 23.04.05)

His daughter Tamara, is willful & playful. It’s either her way or no way. See what I mean! Yet very adorable huh!

Our 1st Turk family in Kazakhstan reached for us like a ready-to-open umbrella. Sometimes I felt it’s not fair to say that we’re independent travelers. Our support teams are already on standby, anywhere, anytime *grin*

And indeed, they came to our aid again! This day, we were in a non-stop drizzle from the start, but still we have to move on. After numerous tries of knocking and ‘salam-ing’, the grey curtains that fell from the sky made us barely heard & seen. It’s definitely not a visiting day for any unexpected guests. Uzzam saw that & came running to us in the rain. After consulting his parents, he returned to say “Follow our car!”.

Uzzam lives in the ‘rayon center’ of Ryskulova. His family house is quite a distance from the main street. They are our 2nd Turk family, our opened umbrella in the rain :)

This is a very special meal, none like we’ve tried before. There are fat & short strips of noodles, pieces of potatoes and portion of chicken meat, all boiled in water. Bowls of grinded chili mixed with garlic & lemon juice are served to each of us and used as dips. This is Galushgar, a national dish from Chechnya.

Zenumhan takes fresh drinking water from a source deep into the ground, hundreds of metres from his home. His family is from Chechnya, and fortunately for us, he can speak much Kazakh.

In the foggy weather, he took us in when many others had “no space” for us. ‘Berkel’ (thank you in Chechnya), our friends! May the sun shines through soon.

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