Swee Kian’s 9,999km …

We have covered more than 10,000km of asphalt, gravel, rocks and muddy terrains so far on our journey. Uzbekistan, our 15th country marks the changeover from 4 digits to 5 digits on our Flightdeck odometer.
My rear wheel has had a second tire change due to tearing of the tire at the sidewall. Suspected reasons for tearing might be improper fixing of rim tape or rim cutting the tire. Now I’m solely depending on this last piece of spare tire. The front tire remains the same old Michellin Transcity from the first day I hit the road. Hopefully the reliable tires can continue to withstand the torturous road conditions especially in Central Asia. Nonetheless, thumbs up to Michellin for producing such reliable tires!
The right fixing screw on the seatstay (near the dropout) for the rear rack continues to be fastened by 2 cable ties to the Duratec frame. Now even the left fixing screw is also fastened by a cable tie due to easy loosening after frequent bumps and knocks on the torturous roads. If the cable ties do not hold the screws (from dropping out or loosening), the whole rear rack would slide lower and push the fenders to the wheels! 8-(
The rear brakes just had a change in Tashkent after around 7000km of usage ever since Czech Republic. Probably the front brakes would need a change as soon as we hit the mountains in Kygzrstan.
My front lamp’s second bulb blowed out in Azerbaijan. Just fixed up a third bulb in Tashkent to check if the dynamo’s alright. Bingo! After >10,000km, my dynamo is still working! Since the start of our trip, we have fixed up both front and rear lamps. The Shimano dynamo is 3W. However, most of the bike shops and hypermarkets that we have come across only have 2.4W & 0.6W bulbs so we ended up with 2 lamps for our bikes. Currently, the new bulb that i have just fixed up is a 3W one (courtesy of Shimano Singapore), thus the rear lamp does not work.
The road ahead would be through one of the most concentrated chunk of mountains on Earth – the Tien Shan, Pamirs, Karakurum and Himalayan ranges. It would be a great test for our bikes and most importantly, the riders ourselves!
Till then … stay tuned for further tech talk after the mountains!

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