Do you speak any … French?

The young ones from the village of Aksai … time to go home!
(Kazakhstan … 10.03.05 to 23.04.05)

This old man posing happily with his traditional hat. A very common headgear even now.

After a few rounds of search, we found this family to host us. The woman of the house, Madina, took us in even before her husband return from work. Koganbaev was glad to find us in his house. He is a teacher, an army teacher.

While her parents looked on, Jeremy described his travels to Inlik in French! She has been learning the language in school. For the 1st, he is doing most of the talking *cheese*

Checking out our websites in their computer lab in school, these military students are studying here specially to take up jobs in the army.

The young French teacher speaking to a real French at last! She has completed language studies in the university, learning also Japanese & German & recently returned to her hometown to become a teacher.

To make the visit official, a picture for remembrance. Will Jeremy come back someday to spice the French culture? *wink* Till then … Bon Voyage!

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