Last stop for Kazakhstan

It has gotten so hot that our French has to bare his top to ride up the slope. Cool huh!
(Kazakhstan … 10.03.05 to 23.04.05)

These ‘baosak’ taste as good as they look *slurps*. We had only stopped to take a rest and enjoy the view, but the family insisted to dish out a simple yet sumptuous afternoon tea. Much obliged :)

The Shepherd rounding up his sheeps, the nomadic way.

Adorable little girls. How do they see travellers like us? I guess we’ll never find out …

The evening sky signals the return of the herds in the Karkara valley.

Some evening snacks for his cows. Kinesi & his family have come from China some years ago to settle here. He could still speak Mandarin well, but he doesn’t have many people to practice with.

Jeremy brewing his charm on these girls, recounting from his travel photos. His is a natural! Truly upholding the French reputation *sm:)e*

This night we have a room to ourselves, nicely laid with lavish mattresses and blankets. Somebody has removed his underwear and swinging it in the air. You smell something?!

The grand photo with Munila, Indura & their little brother, Shahar, while their grandmother took centerstage. She was very concern & caring towards us & her teachings has naturally passed downstream to her grandchildren. Rahmat! You have filled our last stay in Kazakhstan with fond memories and warmth friendship!

Onwards to the snowy mountains that await us in Kyrgyzstan, a country famed for its highland and freshwater. What will we encounter then …. hmm ….

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