One for All, & All for One!

A change of season & a new display of nature unfolds. These flowers blooming vibrantly with their true colours.
(Kazakhstan … 10.03.05 to 23.04.05)

Never seen b4, 3 musketeers … in a sauna! And … almost naked *grin*

The entrepreneur spirit of Raushangul & Valoja probably brought them to open the conversation & eventually invite us to their house. She is Kazak while her husband is Russian, however with their 3 daughters, they have come from China & therefore can speak Mandarin well.

The life of Spring lined our road gently with green delights while fresh breeze caressed our faces and souls.

The trees flourished , eager to shine with the sun & feel its warmth.

We chanced upon the family Jeremy had spent with a few nights ago. He presented to them the photos taken together. What fate!

Lunch stop in the open, on the grass & under the shade of trees. What more can we ask for?

Our French model posing with the landscape. Such vastness & freedom. Ah …

There’s on 1 household in this peaceful area. Their little son has led us to collect some clear & cooling spring water. Very refreshing!

They ran a cattle farm with sheeps, cows, horses and camels. It appeared that only the horses & camels are let to roam the plains, under the careful watch with a binocular.

These white colour mooncake look-alike are cheese! Made from the milk of sheeps.

This is the stove Aiman used to cook the delicious food. It’s fuelled by branches and ‘kyulme’.

These men are making ‘kyulme’ from the ground where sheeps are kept. The well pressed dung are cut to pieces, removed from the earth and left to dry under the sun. Their supplement for coal.

This is the man of the house. The family did not strike much conversation with us. Probably not too interested or the worry of language barrier or it does not matter. Still they gave us with the best meat they have. A treatment for travellers since ancient time?

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