Our 3 long weeks in Almaty

It was April, the season of Spring, but that doesn’t mean an end to snow. Just overnight and all will become white :) Even in Summer this can happen here as well.
(Kazakhstan … 10.03.05 to 23.04.05)

Florence, the woman behind her man, Chris. A charming lady, very capable & sociable, with cookery skill that brings praises from every mouth that have the fortunate to savour it. At the same time, a tough lady who knows her place in the society (particularly at the customs clearance *wink*). Don’t play play huh …

Ah, so happen our stay coincide with a birthday *smile*

Chris & Florence taking us out for a train-ride in the city park on Sunday. Dearly in her arms, is Joe, a Toy Terrier, part of the loving family.

A chance meeting with Joe’s maternal sister! The tattoo markings on their belly make no mistake. What a reunion!

In the kitchen with Florence has been lots of fun. Cooking secrets, chats and *grin* gossips …

The Ambassador Dato’ Than, hosted a dinner for us in his house. heehee … the people we get to meet in our travel. Doesn’t this spurs you to venture out from your couch?!

The packing process, a warzone … everything has to go. Chris is preparing his retirement from service and returning back home to KL. Can’t imagine the unpacking will take how long … xxx no. of boxes …

In overseas postings, the family attended to a number of VIPs and famous figures. We caught sight of this poster. Notice the personal autograph?! (google.com.my search under ‘siti’)

Kazakhstan & its Central Asia counterparts are known for nomadic practice. This section of the market sells horse … which ever part you want! Like the tougue?! *slurps*

Here is the section where the Koreans migrants sell all sorts of home-made specialty, the ‘kimchi’. Delicious!

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