Our 3rd party. Bonjour!

May I present … Pierce … er sorry, … I mean Colas … Colas Jeremy.
(Kazakhstan … 10.03.05 to 23.04.05)

The places travellers often meet include budget hostel, net cafes, and embassy. From the Pakistan embassy in Almaty, we ‘found’ Jeremy and here we’re planning our route for the future together in Colin’s apartment. And also waiting for dinner to be cooked *hungry*

The official initialization of Mr Jeremy Colas in a2e, witnessed by Colin & Aviva.

Ready to get on the road again! Take care Florence & Joe! See you both in Malaysia!

At last our embassy friends will see the last of us. Thanx for the assistance & your tolerance for the inconveniences we’ve caused. Best wishes!!

Especially Florence! Hard boiled eggs! Missing your tender loving care already!

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