Artux city … in search of a friend

The centre of Artux city where new Chinese buildings dominated the skyline. The Chinese central government has been rapidly developing and beautifying the various cities in Xinjiang. We took a turn into the city in a bid to find a friend, Mr.Tu whom we met in Kazakhstan, from the 1st cow skin factory. Unfortunately, he was not still in Kazakhstan.
(Xinjiang,China … 12.05.05 to 05.06.05)

A roadside stall selling nan in Artux city. In comparison to their neighbours, the Uygurs’ nan differ in texture and sizes. Their nan come in donut shapes to big, flat crispy form and are all hard. Some of the big, flat ones are baked with fried onions.

Abdul Rahman, a Sports teacher watched as his boys trained for the coming soccer competition. Abdul Rahman was our host in Azak village and we were invited to watch their soccer practice in their school. Don’t the kids in yellow jerseys remind of a HK movie also of soccer theme? *grin*

The Abdul household has almost everything. According to them, this breed of sheeps is one of the best breed in China, a cross breed if European and Central Asia sheeps.

Xinjiang is famous for a variety of fruits. One of them, the “golden fig” found around the Artux region. Unlike the green or purple mediterranean types, these are golden in color when ripe and extremely sweet. 3pcs for 1 YUAN during the season of July and August!

The most famous of all, grapes of Xinjiang! The family has acres of vineyard, their main source of income besides other jobs in the city.

Eating with the whole family, also delicious handmade la-mian. We conversed mostly in mandarin with the family although not everyone is educated in the mandarin language.

This is how you eat our hard, crispy nan! Iman demonstrated by breaking the nan into pieces and soaking them in a bowl of diluted tea (The Uygurs drink very dilute tea). Rock sugar can be added to sweeten the tea. Then the pieces of nan are picked up from the tea using chopsticks. Yes! Everyone uses chopsticks in China, even the minorities.

1,2,3…4 persons squeezed on a motorbike! Rahman gave us a ride to a nearby historical mosque for a visit.

The recently renovated mosque in Azak village, almost >100years old.

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