Before parting with Issyk-Kul

The sun shines high onto the deep blue lake, enhancing the colours of the earth. The perfect painting …
(Kyrgyzstan … 24.04.05 to 12.05.05)

If not for the vague outline of the mountain range far across the lake, I felt like looking to the sea.

The scene won’t be completed without an act, ‘Jeremy & the Issyk-Kol’.

Time to get personal & try out the water of the ‘hot lake’. Censorship applies from now.

We met a noisy flock of pupils emerging from the roadside at Kara-Koo village, school has just ended. Anxious to get off this main road, we turned into a quiet lane and paused 100m later. This noodle meal was cooked by Kubanubek’s wife, Ainura, as they eagerly embraced us into the house.

They made fresh bread and were focused to pamper us as if it’ll give them great pride & honor to host guests from a far away land.

Biscuits fresh & warm from the factory. 10 mins later, these irresistible temptations were gone …

The only Chinese in Balukchy city. By coincident, the neighbor of Ms Yu overheard us asking for Chinese people while posting her letters in the post office. Ms Yu has come here only recently to look after the biscuit factory. Murat is her house-keeper while Gildiz helps with translations.

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