Down from the climb and up the ‘Bozyu’

The day began with yet another pass. In most part of Kyzyl-Bel Pass, there are asphalt road. On the rough under construction portion, we could do little but to get down & push. Many trucks have to move with extreme caution & crawling speed.
(Kyrgyzstan … 24.04.05 to 12.05.05)

Ah … once over the top, the soft gradient allows us to roll down smoothly, between rounded hill tops of appealing grasses.

On the outskirt of At-Bashy, we stopped to watch a seasonal event. He is shaving the sheep by hand.

Here, a machine shaver is used. If you asked me, I believe both methods are painful … the sheeps have not much of a choice, do they?!

The layers of felt & woven straw mats for a ‘bozyu’, the Kyrgyz yurt.

The erecting of the ‘bozyu’. The old lady is piecing together the lattice framework of the wall.

Installing of the door is simple yet crucial.

The critical fitting of the ‘tyuduk’, the crossbeams at the top of the yurt.

Keeping the ‘tyuduk’ in place & forming of the roof is quite technical due to the variables, example the level of the ground & length of each supports.

After an hour or so, the strong skeleton took shape. We decided not to wait for the rest of the fittings.

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