Red hills, misty lakes, blue sky & goodbye Naryn

Heading away from the lake, we moved into the mountains & the land turned arid with bizarre colours.
(Kyrgyzstan … 24.04.05 to 12.05.05)

Out of nowhere, this eerie lake popped up into our view. Silence & stillness hanged about it.

From the rayon center of Kochkor, we headed on. Suddenly the wind stirred up, picking up dust & sand. Soon all became blur.

By the side of the road, Ulan called out to us. There were less than 10 houses in the small farming settlement of Tendik. Ulan’s sheeps run up & down the hills daily.

There’s no electricity since years ago when the copper in the electric poles were removed for sale. Hence when night falls, it’s time to sleep :)

Today, we shall tackle our 1st big climb, the Dolun Pass, over 3000m!

The wind felt right, the sky looked perfect, but the road was just impossible to maneuver. Loose rocks & steep slopes proved too much to pedal on & many times we have to dismount & push. Very tiresome, but step by step, we can still move forward.

Finally … the top! It has been one of the toughest yet. Looking at this, all the efforts paid off. :)

Once again we rode beside a river & grass fields became plentiful. In Kara-Unkurt, we approached Satarbek & he welcomed us with steaming ‘non’ and his large family greeted us with warmth. A little while later, it started to rain.

Cattles roam free except for a turf near the house where the family fenced up. Those are for sale.

Sheeps & goats crossing the river. Really happens, not fiction!

An old power generator that used to provide electricity for this small village. The heavy snowfall had damaged the water inflow.

This is a family of female doctors. Starting with the mother, Rapila, then her eldest daughter, Dinara, and her younger daughter is currently in studies. Her sons are more into car repairs and servicing.
ps.Due to power failure, more pictures of Naryn could not be available at this time. Jeremy, can you spare some?

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