Salam? Ni-Hao??

Our first meeting with the Uygur community in China. We greeted with “Salam” as in all muslim populated countries but the Uygur surprisingly replied with “Ni-hao”! Haa … Here we met Homerjan outside his house. Sensing his friendliness, we approached him for our first night and he realiy agreed. Wow!
(Xinjiang,China … 12.05.05 to 05.06.05)

A 1st hand look of a typical Uygur house built out of mud and clay. The rooms surrounded the courtyard where grape vines grew from the partially erected roof.

Homerjan works in the fields with his tractor.

His mum cutting vegetables to prepare for our dinner. Later the ladies from other household also joined in to help. After spending the winter months in Central Asia and coming from places where leafy vegetables are a rare commodity, the sight of colourful and green vegetables brought joy across our faces.

Our first taste of handmade “la-mian” (noodles) with an assortment of vegetables in Shan Artux Village. In the background is the typical flat and hard nan baked to last for months. Aren’t they delicious just by the look of it?? *slurps*

This is where we slept. A separate area for guests, raised platform with cotton mattresses and blankets, similar to some of the Central Asia style. In fact, the Uygurs are much closer to the Central Asian culture than the Han Chinese. The language and food bear similarities. Most importantly, they are muslims alike their Central Asia neighbours. The Uygur autonomous region is once the land the Uygurs called “East Turkestan”.

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