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On the Road Quiz # 2

Here comes the On the Road Quiz #2 1. Consider how out of the world we & our alien-crafts must have looked to the locals, which item of our crafts do you think attract the most number of touches (more … Continue reading

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15,000km Tech Talk (Strongman)

Yes! We’ve survived the 15,000km mark (15,479.0km to be precise), & reaching New Delhi, India, doing so. It has become mentally straining since 2 months ago with the amount of onlookers (curious, handful and never seem to be in a … Continue reading

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I promised to do my BEST!

Once a scout, always a scout! At the Battrasi forest, we found a scout college. One of the top college in the country too! Remember your promise?! These young men all wore scout uniform, which is quite similar to the … Continue reading

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Bridging friendship … yet no entry without NOC!

Along the highway to Tharkot, we crossed this Friendship Bridge. The Chinese received very much likings from the Pakistanese. This firm relationship probably dates back to the planning of this highway. In some areas, cable cars are used to bridge … Continue reading

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With education, with hope …

Soon after we realised that we’re being followed cautiously .. keeping a safe distance …. “okie … good luck & have a safe journey!” the men in blue bid us farewell. Looks out we’ve come out of a sensitive region … Continue reading

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Dealing with timber, grease & …. mangoes!

“1..2…..UP!” By their hardwork, these loaded the truck with thick & solid blocks of timber. I believe these are heading for Islamabad, fuelling the ever increasing demand. Anyone give a thought for the forest? A charismatic young man, Dost, happily … Continue reading

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Keeping cool with Police

As we tried asking for a night stay, the locals were quite reluctant & beckon us to head to the police station down the road. Indeed, the police showed up & took us away … Naqeeb Ahmed, the young Detective … Continue reading

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Gilgit & onwards

The city where 2 sects of Muslim clashes just some weeks ago. There was a solemn & tense setting with the military presence at all corner. The ideal place to solve all your digital requirements! The owner meets many tourists, … Continue reading

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Meeting FC & Mulberry

A tourist lodge sits silently atop a village while the awesome Batura Glacier sets itself at the background together with the mountain ranges. What a perfect spot to spend the day … As we ply the roads down the valley, … Continue reading

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hot! Hot! HOT!!!

Hot! Hot! Hot! Pakistan is really very hot! Just 1 week ago, when we were in Islamabad, the hottest temperature at 46′C was recorded there! Elsewhere in Pakistan, temperature’s climbing at >50′C! *puff* We are now in Lahore, the historical … Continue reading

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