15,000km Tech Talk (Strongman)

Yes! We’ve survived the 15,000km mark (15,479.0km to be precise), & reaching New Delhi, India, doing so. It has become mentally straining since 2 months ago with the amount of onlookers (curious, handful and never seem to be in a hurry to go about their own chores) multiplying each day. The traffic … ah the traffic! Crazy … almost impossible, yet like the immigration officer who said to me with a smile, “Everything is possible in India”.

Looking GOOD

Generally, we’ve increased our daily mileage, covering 80km on average with 5 hours of pedalling. Basically all system are still working well, with some performing exceptionally. Thought the months of sand, rain, snow and heat, and the ugly mixture of everything would have caused much hurt to shifting mechanism, but happy to say, the FD, RD, chainrings and sprokets have continued to deliver the shift-by-the-click standards! Thumbs up Shimano! Nonetheless, I’m missing the delights on the faces of people whenever SK showed the wonders of the dynamo front hub. Indeed, for a couple of nights we have to ride late into the night, mainly to search for lodging.
Montbell panniers (hope you haven’t forgotten them) work as desired; maintaining its waterproofness & durablity. No sign of fatigue from its buckles, stiches and seams. Except for the well-wishes from our new-found friends and a small cut … erm … happened about a month ago, while coming down the KKH (doesn’t stand for your dearest hospital!). The law of Downhill + Speeding + Pothole + Weight = Inequality of Balance, I crashed, just fell and skided on the road. Only the front left pannier suffered a 2cm cut, as the rear has the spare tyres to act as bumper. The rider was thankfully tucked behind these, leaving just the shoulder and the knee to slight bruises. Most fortunately, he was wearing his trusty Giro helmet *wink*, else who knows what his head & face will become. A word to all riders out there, “If you have a helmet, WEAR it well!”

Under Investigation
SPD has been giving off a rotation click during forward pedalling. Can’t see anything unusual on the outside. Hope it’s not an inside job.
Has fully replaced the 1st pair of Michelin tyres. Been riding the 2nd sets for approx. 3000km until a recent rewarding encounter in Ludhiana, India’s bicycle hub. Presently equiped with brand new (I do mean brand new!) made-in-India (MII) tyres from Ralson, so far having travelled for more than 500km. Fingers still crossed. How do you feel? Take a poll under the heading ‘Testing Rubber’. Reply with :
CHAPATI if you feel – Good luck! Change ASAP.
BASMATI if you feel – No problem! Better than you think.

Too much, simply too much!

Don’t know if it’s me & my butt or the numerous squeezy hands of the others which inflicted this wound .. sigh … the crack seem to get longer everytime I look at it!

This poor fellow (& its twin on the other end) has taken all the stresses from the cold, hot, dust, rain and my … powerful grip *grin*

Holding ON

This front rack has been ‘repaired’ by the locals in Kyrgyzstan with their methods. Looking good … “Mr Pierce Wong, do you still recall your promise? *wink* heehee …
In a few days time, our journey will be into the 1-yr milestone. Wow … 365 days on the road … how time flies … we’ll keep going with your support and techtalk shall return when we reach 20,000km mark! See you then! Happy riding!

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