Dealing with timber, grease & …. mangoes!

“1..2…..UP!” By their hardwork, these loaded the truck with thick & solid blocks of timber. I believe these are heading for Islamabad, fuelling the ever increasing demand. Anyone give a thought for the forest?

A charismatic young man, Dost, happily agreed to let us spend the night in his makeshift shelter pieced together with his timber blocks. However, the strong wind blowing in, bringing the dark cloud nearer seem to suggest otherwise.

The neighbour, Hekmat, spotted our presence and came along just in time. Indeed, as soon as we got nicely under shelter at his house, droplets fell. Dost & his gang of labourers ran off to village’s mosque to take refuge. Destiny …

The men in orange, once again we met the friendly & mighty forces of the FWO. They are proud (they have every reason to be!) to show their presence with numerous signboards along the highway. Good going guys!

Servicing the hydro-generator that produces electricity to the town of Dassu, district capital of Kohistan.

Tucked by the banks of Gilgit river, Dassu grew in vibrance & excitement … and danger … watch for stones and spits from the children!! :(

Fresh icy & clear water from the glaciers inevitable have to meet with the sandy greyish river flowing down to the plains.

At a tea house, we chanced upon a family from Lahore coming all the way up here to escape the heat and take a family holiday, “It’s almost 50degC in our city!”.

Amir Zafar runs a printing house and also deals with pharmaceutical products. Every year he’ll take his family for an excursion and visit the many wonderful places his country has to offer.

Usually, they will also bring along some of the delights from their home … mangoes! What a rewarding refreshment! Thank You!

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