Gilgit & onwards

The city where 2 sects of Muslim clashes just some weeks ago. There was a solemn & tense setting with the military presence at all corner.

The ideal place to solve all your digital requirements! The owner meets many tourists, some like us travelling on cycles, while others like the Japanese girl on a backpack. *Woman Power!* He has even specially allocated computers with Japanese language and settings!

Spot the on under the hands of the shopkeeper? Yeh, ice-creams! Zagum has barely stepped out of his house for less than 5 mins to found us looking desperate late in the evening. The next minute we were led in. Soon, he served us dinner and then took us out for a walk with his friends around the market area. This morning, he brought us to his uncle’s shop and free rounds of ice-creams for all! It’s a friendly city afterall!

The bricks are made of cement? Hmmm … anyone can enlighten us?

Continuing onwards from Gilgit, we met this Dutch couple. They are making a journey of ‘Kathmandu to Kathmandu‘ … that’s from a shop called Kathmandu in Amsterdam to the capital of the Nepali Kingdom Kathmandu. Even with the heat, the lady has to respect and abide by the local custom/practice. Keeping going guys!

This man doesn’t speak very much, but that doesn’t stop him from reaching to us. He was working on his furnitures when we approached to ask for a place to rest and take our chapati. He sit us into his hall and at once asked his child to prepare tea and fresh chapati for us. He’s showing us a book on Urdu to English translation.

Back to work, shaving these wooden blocks to size for a window frame.

A viewpoint where the 3 giant ranges meet, the Himalaya, the Karakoram & the Hindu Kush. Standing there, I felt a sense of inferiority yet surprisingly peaceful & calm …

So mighty, so majestic, don’t you feel vulnerable to their willings. Can you imagine how people have survive & grow under these conditions?

To try to match the surroundings, the awesome highway weave along with impressive bridges over icy river gushing below, giving a link between the giants.

Last night these men gave us refuge inspite of the disapproval from their head office. They are from the FWO, Frontier Works Organisation, a wing of the military. Since the completion of the KKH, they took on the task of maintenance for the highway.

The day before, we had ridden long & hard, up & down, around & about. Grateful for the hardwork! These heros standing behind all the glamour. FWO, once again, we salute you!

Salam! Here are some pindi, fresh tomatoes & cucumber to go with your chapati, and melon drinks to cool down the engines!

Brief but a filling meeting with the friends of PSO (Pakistan State Oil) petrol station :) The food & drinks you’ve shared on that hot day have been wholly digested, though the fond memories shall stay with this photo!

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